Dr Rachael Murray


I am Head of the Inflammation & Tissue Repair Group at the Institute for Health and Biomedical Innovation, President of the Australasian Wound and Tissue Repair Society (AWTRS) and a Senior lecturer in the School of Biomedical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology.

How I got hooked on research as an undergraduate

As an undergraduate my sandwich degree lead to me spenting my 3rd year working for the World Health Organisation out at Hammersmith Hospital in London. Here I undertook a research project to design a cheap reproducible assay for human chorionic gonadotropin. I gained some excellent skills covering everything from bench work through to packing boxes of kits to send round the world. The laboratory was shared with a fertility group in the days where IVF was in its infancy which was exciting to watch. It was an excellent introduction into research and I was hooked.

This eventually lead me to.........researching the role of macrophages in scar formation from burns and their role in prevent chronic wounds healing

I completed a PhD at the University of Leicester in the UK studying the proteasome and immune proteasomes in mammalian cells, where I gained a love for microscopy, followed by a postdoc position at the University of Oxford Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford studying a proteasome subunit in yeast. Wanting to do a postdoc in Australia I headed off to a 40C start at the Lorne Cancer conference and set about find a job. So in 2001 I moved to Australia to Adelaide for a postdoc position at the Child Health Research Institute with the University of Adelaide working on a deubiquitinating enzyme that regulates intracellular transport of beta catenin. I then moved up to sunny Brisbane and completed a highly successful postdoc at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland looking at how macrophages cytokine secretion and inflammation with Prof Jenny Stow which lead to a well cited Science paper and a love of macrophages. With an NHMRC Career Development Fellowship I establish my research group at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead working with the Burns Unit to look at ways to alter inflammation in burn wounds and modulate scar formation. In 2012 I moved to QUT to continue my research in tissue repair and inflammation working with my favourite cell the macrophage.


Key awards and Grants


Cutaneous Biology 2018
Joint meeting of the Australasian Wound and Tissue Repair Society (AWTRS), the Molecular & Experimental Pathology Society of Australasia (MEPSA) and the Australasian Society for Dermatology Research (ASDR).
29th October- 1st November 2018
Strabroke Island,


Macrophage Phenotypes Regulate Scar Formation and Chronic Wound Healing